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I have decided to travel abroad this summer, and will sadly not be running camp.

Please see below for camps I highly recommend, all run by friends of mine who I trust and adore! 


All day, outdoor program in Prospect Park

Ages 3 - 9 

"Summer Playgroup is to run freely, to touch the earth, to hear and spy birds, to dig and find worms or beautiful treasures, to take walks in the forest and check our blackberry bushes, to feel the wind and fly kites, to climb our beloved beech tree and rest under it’s shade, to build incredible structures that can be an airplane, teepee or pirate ship, to make cookies and feed our dragons and much more.

Our mission is to encourage the children to play, explore, imagine, create, to form friendships and by doing that we are helping them to have a healthy and happy childhood. Looking forward to meet you at the park for a very fun summer time."


Spark Arts

Ages 6 - 11


"Through hands-on creative arts, students will be introduced to the rich traditions of the world and learn about the mythology, customs, natural environments, art tools and materials, and architecture from around the globe. Some examples of crafts that we  have introduced at camp include basketry, candle-making, weaving, textile dyeing, paper making, macrame, and printmaking. We work with a range of materials including clay and adobe, tree bark, textiles, paper pulp and more. Our work from each week culminates in an art exhibition each Friday afternoon that students help to set up and families are invited to attend."


9am - 4pm, cooking + art camp

Ages 3 - 10 

The program is designed to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage socialization through Italian cooking, indoor and outdoor play, art projects, sensory exploration and books.


Each day, young chefs embark on a journey through the diverse flavors of Italy. From crafting traditional pasta dishes to creating pizzas, popsicles or gelato with a variety of toppings.


Every session is a new exploration.

We offer small size classes, a nurturing environment, and professional educators.

In our bright and cozy location, full of natural light, a private patio and a full kitchen!


Summer days are magical! Our days will be filled with endless joy as we soak up the sun. We will be spending our mornings exploring in Prospect Park, and the afternoons in our indoor space.

We will be exploring:


- CLAY -








$500/week 9am - 1pm



+ $250/week for 9am - 3pm


+ $550/week for 9am - 5:30pm

*Please email me with questions regarding financial assistance. I am happy to work with you!

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