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"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes"

This phrase is a common mantra in Scandinavia, repeated by parents who insist that their children spend time outdoors every day.


Working outside all year with kids, I have found this to be 100% true. Click on the links below to check out items and clothing that I found to be the most effective for the outdoor elements. 

These snowsuits are absolutely amazing. It is what my class used this past year, and they would say, "I feel like I'm inside." No one ever complained about being cold, not even in the low 30's or high 20's!

The trick for hand warmth and the easiest to take on and off are the mittens. Children do not love them due to loss of dexterity, but they are a must during very cold weather. It is a good idea to have thinner, finger gloves for the less cold days, and for wearing underneath the mittens.  

Key to boots is that they need to be easy to get on! Please no tie-up laces... this is impossible for the kids and even tricky for adult fingers in the cold weather.

Thermal layers are key... they really make all the difference - this can be a thin wool sweater or a wool base layer long sleeved shirt. Quality matters though - layering 3 long sleeved regular t-shirts wont help as much as one nice wool one. Don't worry about washing often!

Celavi rain suits I have found to be excellent at keeping everything dry underneath. The two pieces suit allows for easier removal for bathroom breaks and for times when they might get too warm for the top layer. Kuling is also fantastic.

Any rain boots that go high up the calf are fabulous. We love to jump in the puddles! It's just too much fun. So the higher up, the less likely water will fill them up. :) 

This backpack holds a lot of things AND is easy for the child to carry. Independence is something we really try to foster, and the right sized backpack is important. I love how the side pockets are super stretchy, easily holding different sized water bottles (this is usually a challenge)!

Having a good hat and some sort of neck covering, whether that be a turtleneck or one of these awesome neck warmers for kiddos is crucial.

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