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Join our fall 2025 class! 
Preschool for ages 2 - 5

fall 2024 enrollment now closed

September, 2025 - June, 2026

Creating an intimate community means a lot to us. With a maximum of 8 children, we are able to foster deep relationships with each child. Adams & Haack Studio is a nature based program, spending at least half of our day adventuring in Prospect Park. Explore our philosophy page to learn more about our program.

Location: 10th St, between 7th and 8th Ave.

Time: 9 - 2, with option to stay until 5:30.



Our Team

our team

Celia Pardo (she/her)
Teacher & Foodie Friday Chef

Celia is a life long learner with a background in the arts and education, and has always had a passion for working with children.

She graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a focus in Arts Education, and has had the pleasure of working in the Pre-K program at the International School of Denver, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, assisting with arts + food programming, as well as Brooklyn Compass Charter, facilitating their after school program. 


This is Celia's third year at Adams & Haack Studio, where she is proud to lead food programming. She wears many hats; part lunch lady, part self appointed “home economics” teacher, part art pal. Every day she learns from our students and feels this is the best job she's ever had! 

Simone Forsberg (she/her)
Teacher and Yoga Instructor

Simone comes from a tradition of education that reveres children as the leaders of their learning. A passionate learner herself, she earned her master’s degree in Child Development from Sarah Lawrence College where she focused her research on play, social-emotional learning, and human development. Before joining the team at Adams & Haack Studio, she worked as a two's-teacher at the Early Childhood Center at Sarah Lawrence and then as Associate Director of the Early Childhood Psychosocial Program at The Quad Preparatory School in Manhattan. As an educator, she is both a guide and a fellow learner, and she values play as children’s primary mode of learning. In addition to co-teaching, she is honored to facilitate the yoga programming at Adams & Haack, where the students learn through play, breathwork, creative movement, music, and literature. She is passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness with children as practices of building awareness, cultivating community, and fostering self-love and care.


When not teaching, she finds joy in cooking, baking, traveling, needle-felting, and finding creative ways to stay organized!

Visiting Artists

Lauren Graham (she/her)

Lauren has always had a nurturing personality and has been involved in child care from a young age. From swim instructor to daycare, full time nanny, to preschool.

She is naturally creative and enjoys helping children with art projects or co-creating other fun activities.

Her life journey has taken her to some fantastic places, including living and traveling in Europe for almost 10 years. During this time, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter who inspires her daily.


She loves witnessing the children grow and evolve with Adams & Haack Studio, and feels honored to be here!

Lorena Pena (she/her)

Lorena moved to New York City from Columbia, where she practiced law for over 12 years. She has chosen to devote herself to working with children, as she has a passion for education and cultural exchange, and imparts the beauty of her native language, Spanish, along the way.


Lorena's dedication to bridging linguistic and cultural gaps within her newfound community reflects her resilient spirit and commitment to meaningful connections. We are so lucky to have her! 


Kami Haack (she/her)
Fun Curriculum Creator!

Kami, often referred to as Mom Kami, has worked in the field of Health and Human Services for thirty-five years, graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985 with a Bachelors in Education.  A wife and mom of three,  Kami knew at a young age she wanted to work with persons with special needs.  She worked with children and adults within the State, public school, and private sectors, most recently as a Quality Assurance Specialist for a Home and Community Based Services Provider in Houston, Texas, from where she recently retired after 27 years.  Kami’s attention to detail and desire to serve others enables her to serve and positively influence those she works with. At Adams & Haack Studio she helps with curriculum and assists with administration from her home in The Woodlands, TX.  She enjoys her online and in-person visits with Adams & Haack very much.  Her hobbies include decorating, reading, travel, embroidery and watercolor. 



Our daughter’s experience at Adams and Haacks Studio was priceless. She attended both summer camp last year and this past school year. Kaelynn and other teachers made our daughter feel loved, understood and encouraged.  As time went by she spent more and more time in aftercare as she didn’t want to come home. Each day she was excited to go to school and weekends were tough to be away from friends and her beloved teacher.  We were jealous ;) and so happy at the same time that she had such an amazing experience.  We loved the fact that she spent so much time outside on adventures in Prospect Park, learning about nature, making discoveries.  At the studio there was no lack of excitement, imagination and creativity through play, arts and cooking! We loved the goodies she made.  The studio was full of thoughtful and creative toys and also provided safe and nurturing space. There was individualized attention and guidance provided as kids were learning social, emotional skills to play independently, in a group and be part of a team.  Through play our daughter’s language, motor skills and even math were developed.  Our daughter came out of the school with deep connections and the saddest part for all of us is that we moved and can’t continue for another year.  It’s only our wish to find another program like this where each kid is treated with such dedication and care.


- Dagmara and Michael, parents to L

2022 preschool year

Our classroom!
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